C is for Cottage Cheese

Before I dive into cottage cheese, I want to give you a little background on why I chose cottage cheese for the letter ‘C’ above the plethora of other yummy ‘C’ foods. Growing up I would be classified as your typical “picky eater”. I survived on peanut butter sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. That was pretty much the extent of my culinary palette. While my palette grew some as I reached adulthood, it really exploded when I began studying nutrition and dietetics. I do not want to give the impression that this was simple. I didn’t READ MORE

Series : Food Fun from A to Z

Introducing a new series here on the Nutrition Anthropology blog – Food Fun from A to Z! After all, food is meant to be enjoyed and we want to show you fun ways to enjoy foods throughout the alphabet (Spoiler Alert: the letter X is going to be eXtra fun). We are sure you remember your preschool alphabet lesson – A is for apple and B is for Banana. Well, we won’t be that predictable because Nutrition Anthropology is all about experimenting and approaching life with curiosity. With the help of awesome dietetic students from The University of Alabama, each READ MORE